At Rovitex, we are committed to our local environment, our city and traditions and to support all those groups and individuals who need it the most.


  • More than 13.000 RoviMed face masks – the value of 6 million HUF – were donated in the spring of 2020 to organisations whose professionals fight the virus in the front line: Baranya County Council, Pécs City Council, Children’s Hospital of Pécs, Regional Ambulance Service and Regional Blood Transfusion Service, Baranya County Council Professional Training Centre and the Baranya Gastronomic Cluster. The donated RoviMed face masks were distributed by these organisations to those who needed the protective equipment the most.
  • We are regular supporters – this year being the fifth in a row, each year with 100.000 HUF – of the Pécs-Baranya Public Safety Foundation, whose goal is to improve the public safety of Baranya County and of Pécs.
  • According to the schedule of urban developments, the construcion of the bus stop at Reménypuszta would have been realized at a later point, for this reason the company’s management decided to take the matter into their own hands. Rovitex not only organised and controlled the complete implementation of the bus stop but bore the total cost of it. More
  • Our RoviOvi – RoviSuli programme has a long history. We offer our scrap fabric material and wallpaper books to schools and nurseries for craft activities, and by this help children’s creative development. In February 2021, 27 institutions participated in our programme.
  • We are devoted to support institutions that deal with children’s care/education and provide for disadvanteged or disabled children
    • We donated 1 million HUF to the Élménypark at Zalaszabar that provides camping for poor, disadvanteged or disabled children.
    • Together with our colleagues we did fundraising for the children’s home in Szikla street, Pécs.
    • We donated ready-made curtains and textile accesories to the nursery in Pákolitz István street, Pécs. 


corporate social responsibility
corporate social responsibility