Ownership of information on this website

The owner of the contents available at rovitex.hu is ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. The information on the website can be read freely by anyone, and they can be saved to their computer or printed for later viewing or interpretation. However, without the permission of the rightholders, it is forbidden to re-use the information available on the website, to alter them in any way or their unauthorized display. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft., as the beneficiary of the utilization rights reserves all other rights related to the displayed materials and, if necessary, it will enforce them even in judicial way.

Privacy and data security

In the course of its activities, the rovitex.hu website protects the privacy rights of its visitors and customers by all means at its disposal, and observes the provisions included in the Civil Code and Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Public Access to Data of Public Interest. The e-mail address provided during registration is secret, unless the user specifically requests it to be public and becomes accessible to anyone. In this case, ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. does not assume any liability for any abuse of the e-mail address. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. reserves the right to send a newsletter about the services and news of its own and its partners to the e-mail address provided during registration. Statistics on the number of visits of rovitex.hu are being compiled for the continuous improvement of the website. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. declares that it will not abuse any thus obtained data in any way.

Web links

Anyone can freely place a web link to rovitex.hu on their own website. Without the written permission of ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft., it is strictly forbidden to run any page of rovitex.hu as a framed application of other websites as part of one’s own pages. ROVITEX HUNGÁRIA Kft. and the independent consultants responsible for the content and development of the website distance themselves from the cases where web links pointing to rovitex.hu are placed on non-intentional websites or websites with a content colliding with the law.