In collaboration with the University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Science, Rovitex has invented an innovative, environmentally conscious textile impregnation technology that will revolutionize the Hungarian textile market.

The product, which changes everyday life: antibacterial textile

Our main goal was to develop an environmentally conscious textile impregnation technology that is accessible to everyone.

The result? An innovative type of fabric that gets from the R&D base and the Impregnation Plant to homes, hotels, healthcare facilities or wherever it is needed.

Why was it urgent to develop such a technology?

The drastic increase in the population of our Earth is a major contributor to the increase in the number of infectious bacterial and viral diseases.

Why it is a better choice than the conventional material?

  • Effective protection against the adhesion and multiplication of pathogens
  • Widespread use: homes, healthcare facilities, hotels, etc.
  • Environmental conscious technology
  • Long term solution for 1-1,5 years
  • Effective protection over several wash cycles, depending on concentration
  • Odorless technology


Antibacterial tissue for a sustainable everyday life!

Thanks to the innovative technology, there is no surplus, because:

  • Impregnant residues are reused
  • Disposed textiles are recycled

Learn more about this revolutionary process by Dr. László Márk, associate professor and Norbert Romeisz, managing director of Rovitex.