Rovitex Hungária Kft. Reseller Business Policy 2.2

This business policy specifies the contractual terms and conditions between Rovitex Hungária Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: “Rovitex”) and its reseller customers, valid for sales at wholesale prices. The business policy is published primarily on the website of the company and Rovitex reserves the right to change it without any prior notice.

Business area

The wholesale warehouse center of the Rovitex group of companies is located in the city of Pécs in Hungary, and its products are sold in many other countries of the world, in addition to a number of countries of Europe.

Groups of goods

The two main groups of products distributed by Rovitex:

  • Homedeco products
  • Walldeco products


Rovitex reserves the right to discontinue the distribution of any of its groups of goods or products at any time, or to add new products to its product range at any time. In general, it informs its business partners through its regional representatives or newsletters, but does not commit itself to do so.

The use of the brands, brand names and their pictorial representations of the products distributed by Rovitex is subject to the prior written consent of Rovitex. An exception to this is the placement of the POS advertising materials (posters, catalogues, tableaux, other POS materials) prepared by Rovitex in the store, in which case they may be placed out also based on the oral agreement with the representative of Rovitex.

Business contact persons

  • Sales department (regional representatives, key account managers)
  • Customer service associates
  • The head of the retail unit / HoReCa department

The cutting program

Rovitex operates a cutting program for its specific piece goods products. The minimum quantity that can be ordered in the cutting program is 1 linear meter, which can be increased by 10 cm. In its cutting program, Rovitex undertakes a guarantee to send out cut-to-size material free of weaving defects or incorrectly pulled threads upon order, with a cutting surcharge.


Piece goods

In case of piece goods, we guarantee weaving error-free quality with a tolerance in accordance with the international standards, i.e.: 3 error signals per 10 meters are accepted.

In general, the length of the pieces is 30 linear meters, out of which a quantitative difference of +/- 1.5% is generally accepted (except for the embroidered piece goods).

At the request of the customer, the pieces larger than 30 linear meters can be halved free of charge, and our decor materials above a piece volume of 30 linear meters can be cut into three equal parts with a surcharge of 10%.

Walldeco products

Rovitex Hungária Kft. is the exclusive distributor of wallpaper products manufactured by the Rasch GmbH factory in Hungary. The list of the marketed wallpaper catalogues the products of which may be on stock or pre-ordered will be published by Rovitex to its partners in a newsletter or by sales representatives.

The submission of purchase orders for wallpapers that are not on stock towards the manufacturer takes place every week on Tuesday and the products arrive to our warehouse the next week on Monday. This is why we can place orders for the orders we receive until Monday evening that week. Purchase orders submitted for wallpapers that are not on stock can only be canceled before the order is submitted to the manufacturer!

For non-stocked wallpaper orders under the carton quantity, the manufacturer charges a 20% surcharge, which is charged forward to our customers. For Covers products, the cardboard box opening surcharge is 30%!

For Rasch products, it is possible to submit a 4-day express delivery order, the shipping costs of which is currently a net amount of HUF 3,000 per started carton quantity.

Rules for returned goods and complaints

Rovitex takes back defective goods only in unconfectioned, clean and packaged state.

On the goods distributed by Rovitex, the operating instructions are indicated by international pictograms. We do not assume any liability for errors resulting from non-compliance with the handling manual.

Complaints from our partners can only be accepted in writing and documented with photos. Rovitex will immediately resend the complained goods and will order GLS delivery for the return of the defective product, if its value reaches the value limit of EUR 3 according to the current rules. The defective product is packaged by our customer, together with the complaint document sent by the customer service and completed by the customer. In the absence of this, we are not able to process the returned goods. After the goods have been returned to our warehouse, they are subjected to quality control, and if our colleagues consider the complaint to be legitimate, the value of the goods will be credited within a maximum of 8 working days.

In case of a wallpaper complaint, the return of the original packaging is also required when sending back the product.

Accepting purchase orders

Rovitex accepts orders for goods by e-mail, fax, through the webshop, via its regional representatives or customer service phone. We cannot accept complaints on orders submitted by phone!

Rovitex sends a written confirmation of all purchase orders to the customer, usually within 1 hour but no later than 1 working day. Products on stock will be shipped within a maximum of 5 working days, and in case of a purchase order for products that are not included in the inventory, the customer service colleague will inform the buyer immediately, but no later than in 3 working days about the expected delivery deadline.

Purchase orders pending for more than 12 weeks will be canceled by Rovitex after a prior consultation with the customer.

Prices and promotions

Rovitex publishes its prices on its currently valid price lists and reserves the right to change its prices at any time, without any prior notice. Rovitex regularly announces marketing campaigns that are valid until the end of the announced deadline while the stocks last, and cannot be merged with other discounts of promotions.

Payment terms and conditions

The first purchase order of a new buyer will be fulfilled with cash payment on delivery.

Purchase orders of a value of less than net HUF 25,000 are only possible with cash on delivery.

We provide subsequent deferred payment option based on individual assessment, according to the payment morale of the customer and external credit assessment, up to the individual credit limit set for the customer, for 8-30 days. In case of an outstanding debt, we can only deliver goods upon transfer in advance or cash payment on delivery.

In case of a project order of a non-stocked product, 50% of the order value is to be paid by bank transfer in advance. After we receive the amount on our account (the order date), we issue our order towards the manufacturer.

Rovitex reserves the ownership right to the goods until the price is paid by the buyer, as a result of which the ownership right to the goods is transferred to the buyer after the full payment of the price of the goods.

Way of delivery and costs

Way of delivery: It takes place by GLS courier service.

Below a net order value of HUF 25,000, we currently charge a net shipping cost of HUF 1,190, and over a net order value of HUF 25,000, we take over the shipping cost. In case of ordering a sample scarf and wallpaper catalogue, the net amount limit is HUF 10,000.

In case of subsequent delivery, if the value of the original purchase order reached the level at which no postage must be paid, we do not charge any shipping cost for the delivery of the remaining goods.



Pécs, 24 April, 2019